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Texas Longhorns Basketball Tip Off: 2013-2014 Highlight Video

BON kicks off a week of hoops coverage.

If you are like me, this week is like the week before Christmas. Hell, this week is way more exciting than the week before Christmas. Because in just a few days, college basketball will be back.

To celebrate this, and to get ready for the upcoming season, this week we will have a ton of hoops coverage here at Burnt Orange Nation.

But let's start with something fun. The 2013-2014 season had a lot of great moments that you can relive with the official team highlight video.

My personal favorites from the video:

  • At about 3 minutes in, the video shows Cameron Ridley's vicious dunk over Joel Embiid during Texas' February 1 victory over Kansas.
  • At 3:34, we are treated to Jonathan Holmes' buzzer-beating three against Kansas State. The buzzer beater remains the best single moment that happens in sports. No matter how many I see, they never stop being exciting.
  • At 3:50 the video shows Cameron Ridley's putback game winner against Arizona State in the NCAA tournament.

Hook 'Em.