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Hoops Q&A with Cowboys Ride for Free

With Texas taking on Oklahoma State tomorrow, Josh Poteet of SB Nation site Cowboys Ride for Free stopped by to talk about the game.

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With Texas' rematch against Oklahoma State set for tomorrow night, we thought we would take a short break from all of the smoking hot intent letter signing action to talk a little hoops.

To help us out is Josh Poteet of Cowboys Ride for Free, SB Nation's Oklahoma State site. Josh was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions.

BON: I know that over the last few years the Oklahoma State fan base has started to get a little frustrated with Travis Ford? What is the current mood, and how has this season shaped it?

Josh Poteet: Frustrated is a good word to describe the relationship right now. The general consensus is that Ford over the past few seasons had really good teams and for whatever reason just could not do anything with it. This season has been a little bit better but not enough to save his job, I don't think. There are many people close to the program who have said that Ford is likely gone when his contract is up. Although fans realize that this season's team isn't nearly as talented as the past two years the season has still continued to build frustrations with Ford. Oklahoma State and Gallagher-Iba Arena used to be staples in the world of college basketball, but those days are long gone and that is largely a result of Travis Ford.

BON: Since Texas and Oklahoma State last met, are there any new developments with the Cowboys that Longhorn fans should know about?

JP: There haven't been any major developments since a few weeks ago. Le'Bryan Nash and Phil Forte will still do a majority of the scoring and the Pokes will be absurdly frustrating at times. The only development that should be noted for Wednesday's contest is the arena they're playing in. It's so tough to win on the road and the Cowboys will find that out in Austin.

BON: Phil Forte burned Texas last game, which is something that he seems to do to everyone. So Texas fans know about him. But who else do you think may have a big impact (either good or bad) in this game for the Cowboys?

JP: Phil is something special but believe it or not, he isn't the feature player on this team, at least he isn't supposed to be. Le'Bryan Nash is our senior forward that was a five star recruit coming out of high school. When LB is playing well there aren't many players in the nation that are better. Nash will be HUGE on Wednesday as he'll be asked to help anchor the post as OSU tries to slow down Texas' big guys. Look for Nash to be instrumental in the success of OSU on both sides of the ball.

BON: In looking at the Oklahoma State schedule, it seems to be a bit easier in the second half of the season than it was in the first half. You guys somehow haven't played TCU yet, and appear to have winnable home games against good teams in addition to a trip to Lubbock. Is it crazy for me to think that the Cowboys seem poised to put together a good end of the year?

JP: The second half is slightly easier than the first but let's not forget that the Big 12 is a walking death trap. The only win that I would say is a "lock" would be when TCU comes to Stillwater. The Pokes sit at 14-7 right now and probably need 20 wins to make the tournament and it would certainly be a fantastic finish to get to 20 wins. This week (@ UT, v KU) is going to be the biggest week of the season for the Pokes. If Oklahoma State can pick up a win somewhere this week then they'll have some confidence heading into the final stretch.

BON: Predictions for the game?

JP: It's so difficult to win on the road in this conference. OSU has one road win this whole season. Give me Texas 81-75. The Pokes just won't have enough in the tank to knock off the Longhorns.


Thanks again to Josh for all of his help. We will be along later with a preview of the game.