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Texas Commit Eric Davis Opens Up On Sticking With Longhorns

Texas' commit Eric Davis discusses his decision to remain with Shaka Smart and the Longhorns

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

When Rick Barnes' tenure at Texas came to a close and VCU’s Shaka Smart was deemed as his successor, just as with any coaching changes, there’s the concern of commits having a change of heart and going elsewhere. Luckily for the Longhorns, this hasn’t been the case. Kerwin Roach, ESPN’s No. 34 ranked recruit wasted no time letting it be know that he was sticking with Texas. Roach’s fellow incoming freshman, Eric Davis, left a little to the imagination and stayed silent for some time.

Davis would ultimately remain with Smart and the Horns, and he touched on why he decided to do so in an interview with Evan Williams of

Some key things to note from Davis’ quick interview:

Davis said he still keeps in contact with Barnes, despite him no longer being the head coach of the Longhorns and his reasoning is something that nearly every Texas basketball player, past and present, could attest to:

"I still keep in contact with Coach Barnes," Davis said. "It's just a relationship outside of basketball."

As for his relationship with his new head coach, Shaka Smart, Davis said he working on establishing it, saying Smart simply said to "just trust him."

"I want to stay, Davis said. "My heart is at Texas. It was nowhere else."

Davis was than asked about whether or not he had seen fellow commit, Kerwin Roach play at all. Davis has and he was impressed, to say the least:

"I saw him play. He's really good. He's really, really good."

Something also worth noting, which is something Smart must love to hear; Davis discussed that he was trying to step up and make plays defensively in the first practice for the Jordan Brand Classic.

"To get on the floor, somebody got to defend."

You can view the full interview by clicking on the link above.