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WATCH: Texas Longhorns basketball trains with Navy SEAL Team PT

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“Whatever they do good or bad, they are going to do together.”

Training for a season of college basketball would be a daunting task for almost anyone, but the Texas Longhorns took it a step further by training with Navy SEAL Team PT for four days.

Check it out in this Longhorn Network All-Access segment:

Day 1 began at Clark Field at 5:45 a.m. with a message from John McGuire, the owner of SEAL Team PT: “I don’t expect a whole lot from you guys today. I only expect everything you have to give.”

McGuire’s job was to help whip the team into shape and teach the group to work better together.

“Just like this season, whatever they do good or bad, they are going to do together,” McGuire says. “So we bring them closer and make them a tighter family.”

The point was also to get the team to embrace struggle and adversity, and to attack it.

Day 2 also began at 5:45, this time at Red Bud Isle.

“If you’re selfish, you will lose,” McGuire tells the team. “You want to be selfless. You want to use leadership and teamwork.”

I got tired just watching the team carry and then row large rafts along the river, although the tug of war brought back happy memories from elementary school.

On Day 3 the team got to sleep in, beginning at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center at 6 a.m.

“How do you guys talk to yourselves when you see fear?” McGuire says. “‘I got this, I got this,’ or ‘I’m going to freaking die.’ Which one is better? If you focus on what you need to do, you’re more likely to get through a situation. If you panic and freak out — is that going to help you win or lose?”

The team then jumps off a high diving board, which for some was a difficult fear to overcome.

Day 4 also involved water, as team members were challenged to hold their breath under the surface for 30 seconds.

Coach Shaka Smart is big on team building exercises and emphasizes toward the end of the clip that the team is responsible for everything that happens to it.

The season begins Friday, Nov. 11 with a home game against Incarnate Word.