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Former Texas Longhorns point guard Javan Felix has big goals

Graduating senior hopes to play professionally, become manager of an NBA team.

Javan Felix accomplished a lot during his four years with the Texas Longhorns, capped off by his game-winning shot to beat UNC last season. With his college career now over, Felix is set to graduate. He has stayed in shape since the season ended two months ago, and hopes to play professionally either at home or abroad.

In the above feature, Felix speaks candidly about his time at UT and his long-term goals.

Going to Texas was his first time being on his own. Felix had to be disciplined, motivated by the fear of showing up late to practice and being the guy who made everyone else run.

He gradually emerged as a leader.

"The point guard, his job is to keep every body in line," Felix says. "He's the head of the snake. He has to make sure everybody's on the same page. He has to make sure the timing is right with everything. You're always thinking about other people when you're the point guard."

He says he's also learned to open up to people since his arrival in Austin.

"I grew up," Felix says. "Eighteen-year-old Javan would have never enjoyed talking to people, helping people work through things in their life or opening up to people and showing people they can trust me. I'm thankful people have enough trust in me to come and talk to me and let me help them through stuff."

Academics are also important to Felix, who heeded his mother's advice about not being a dumb jock. Obtaining a degree was a big goal for Felix, and his ultimate goal is to become the general manager for an NBA team.

"I've started paying attention to the behind-the-scenes things like how contrast are, how teams go out and get certain players," Felix says. "I like to see how people evaluate talent and put it together to make something bigger happen."