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WATCH: Get to know Texas basketball PF Mohamed Bamba

The man from Harlem is ready to make an impact.

There are a host of talented new Texas Longhorns entering the men’s basketball roster this fall, and since we’re in the long, hot days of summer with virtually no college sports, now is a good time to get to know them.

Check out Mohamed Bamba, a 6’11”, 225-pound power forward from Harlem, New York City:

Bamba’s first memories of playing basketball involve his brother trying to teach him the game in a local park. Unfortunately, he got frustrated with the lesson and wound up kicking the ball over the fence (that same brother now seems to have other issues with Mohamed, but that’s another story).

Things improved, of course, and Bamba fell in love with the game during his sophomore year of high school.

One thing people do not know about him is that he placed pretty high in a national chess tournament at the age of seven, so Bamba was clearly destined for great things.

“I’m motivated to be successful because of the place that I come from,” he says. “It’s either one thing or another, but things can take a turn for the bad in a matter of seconds. That fuels my motivation to do bigger and better things.”

Bamba was impressed with UT’s campus, athletics and academic reputation during the recruiting process. He’s been on campus for a few weeks, and says the excitement hasn’t worn off yet.

“As a freshman I’m most looking forward to winning and to competing against the nation’s best,” he says.

Hard to argue with that.