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WATCH: Get to know Texas basketball PF Royce Hamm

“Even as a freshman you want to be a leader.”

Get to know Texas Longhorns freshman forward Royce Hamm Jr. in this two-minute clip from the ‘Horns official YouTube channel.

Hamm began playing basketball relatively late, in the eighth grade. He dunked for the first time that same year.

In high school the Houston native fell in love with the game while attending camps and getting noticed.

“I was like, ‘I really could have a future in this,’” he says.

Hamm describes himself as “a family guy,” and he’s also the first person from his family to go to college, hoping to make his relatives proud with his success.

It has been tough for Hamm to adjust to the high-paced atmosphere of a college athlete, running back and forth between practice, workouts, study hall and classes. But he’s getting there.

“My focus this summer on the basketball court is becoming a better teammate, and becoming a leader,” he says. “Even as a freshman you want to be a leader.”