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Texas faces South Dakota State in the NIT

The game tips in Austin at 8 PM CDT and airs on ESPN

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-South Dakota State vs Ohio State Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sit back people and you shall hear

the story of Mike Daum

Relax dear reader, no need to fear

Though this post will surely bomb

The town of Kimball is very small

No coaches came to see

Until a game vs Tacko Fall

When Daum hit 12 from three

South Dakota State coaches were in the gym

They thought it was quite the find

A few months later things looked pretty grim

When Daum's play put them in a bind

As a freshman he looked terrible

A red shirt he did earn

His play, it seemed unbearable

And they wondered if he'd learn

But as they say something clicked

As a sophomore Daum caught fire

Suddenly a player no one had picked

was on draft boards and rising higher

That first year he made the all-Summit league team

But his story was far from done

His basketball career turned into a dream

He scored more points than Oscar Robertson

Tonight he comes to play in Austin

He'll face a man named Jericho

Part of me wishes he'd gone to Boston

Because nothing rhymes with Jericho

The game tips in Austin at 8 PM CDT, and airs on ESPN.