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WATCH: Texas coach Tom Herman greets students, watches volleyball game

Picture time!

One of the first duties for new Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman, aside from recruiting top players to bring championships back to Austin, was a tour of campus to meet with students and grab a little pizza.

40 Acres Films captured the moment:

The clip begins with Herman stepping on campus and calmly receiving directions: Stand here and take a picture with students before they get a piece of pizza.

He handles it like a champ.

The line gets pretty long — it’s Gatti’s pizza and a pic with Tom Herman, why wouldn’t it — but everyone seems to be having a good time. One kid even volunteers to become the ‘Horns next quarterback.

Herman grabs bites in between pictures, chewing only when the camera isn’t ready to flash. He later walks other parts of the campus and continues impromptu photo shoots.

The last stop is a front-row seat at a Texas volleyball game.

Herman of course flashes the hook ’em sign while taking in the action.

All in a day’s work.