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Austin brewery offers thirsty Texas fans the “Darrell Burnt-Orange” IPA

Oh yes.

St. Elmo Brewing Co./Instagram

Just in time for tailgate season, Texas Longhorns can now sip on a on a custom-made IPA dedicated to their favorite college team.

St. Elmo Brewing, an Austin-based brewery, launched the Darrell Burnt-Orange IPA on tap yesterday at 4 p.m., describing it as “our nod to the Texas Football Legend, Darrell K Royal. Darrell is piney, strong, and bitter.”

So, it’s pretty much perfect for ‘Horns fans.

The brew is, of course, named for legendary Texas football coach Darrell K. Royal, also namesake of the team’s stadium.

Per Austin360, St. Elmo doesn’t have cans or bottles, but it does show Longhorns games at its taproom (440 E. St. Elmo Road) and fans/drinkers can also get a growler filled for a more portable option.

Sit back and enjoy one or two in honor of the late, great Texas head coach.