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Conference Realignment

News and analysis on conference realignment.

Roundtable: Conference realignment, preseason camp, and Colin Simmons

Three weeks until college football returns to DKR...

UT president Jay Hartzell offers official SEC move narrative to Texas Senate amidst silliness

"Legally speaking" silently prefaced everything Hartzell said on Monday about how the Horns moving to the SEC went down. In between shenanigans.

Bob Bowlsby: Big 12 and ESPN back away from last week’s brinksmanship as Texas Senate holds hearing

The artist variously known as Dear Bob and NUTTTTTTTUUY, II went down to the Texas state capital on Monday for some good old political theater. Some friends joined him.

On the economic impact of Texas and OU leaving the Big 12

A report from the Perryman Group laid out the high potential economic costs to the remaining eight members of the Big 12. Now strong university leadership and public-policy decisions will influence those outcomes.

Texas and Oklahoma officially invited to the SEC

In the whirlwind eight days, the Longhorns and Sooners joined the nation’s most powerful conference. But getting there before 2025 just got more difficult.

ESPN responds to Big 12’s cease-and-desist letter

Dear Bob...

Texas A&M Board of Regents directs president to vote in favor of SEC expansion

After the proper amount of posturing, the Aggies will fall in line with the rest of the conference.

LOOK: Big 12 sends ESPN cease-and-desist letter

The conference has successfully identified the real villain in conference realignment.

It isn’t the responsibility of Texas and OU to carry the entire Big 12 Conference

Texas was already perpetually framed as the big, bad bully in the conference. But maybe getting "bullied" wasn’t so bad while those fat checks cashed. And maybe the remaining eight schools are so mad now because they never truly appreciated what they had.

Texas and Oklahoma formally request invitation to the SEC

With the second big step for SEC membership completed, now the conference presidents have to approved membership for the two schools.

Texas and Oklahoma announce intent to leave Big 12

As expected, the joint statement is the first official step towards joining the SEC.

Report: Big 12 considering extra revenue shares for Texas and Oklahoma

Exacerbating the conference’s power imbalance is not a particularly viable solution for its problems.

Texas A&M BoR schedules meeting to officially flail around together

A story about when it becomes necessary to appease the worst elements of a ridiculous fanbase.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby got played by Greg Sankey and the SEC

Despite working with Sankey on the College Football Playoff Board, Bowlsby never saw SEC expansion coming.

SEC expansion announcement could come next week, but when the move will happen is less clear

Texas and Oklahoma may be hoping for the Big 12 to quickly fall apart to avoid paying large exit fees.

Political maneuvering begins as SEC expansion buzz continues

Does anyone in Texas have the political clout to keep the Longhorns in the Big 12? Ann Richards and Bob Bullock aren’t walking through that door.

Bold leadership ready to move Texas into brave new world of college athletics, and possibly the SEC

Where DeLoss Dodds failed, Chris Del Conte and an ambitious university leadership team look to succeed.

Report: Texas and OU have expressed interest in joining SEC

Realignment news is back, baby.

Big 12 set to distribute nearly $35 million per school

Revenue isn’t the problem for the beleaguered conference.

Report: ESPN will pay $10 million to Big 12 to remove pro rata clause

Laugh. Out. Loud. Nice work, Bowlsby.

A live thread for the Big 12 presser

Spoiler alert: The conference reportedly won’t expand

Reports: Big 12 will not add new members after Monday’s meeting

Well, it looks like expansion is dead again. For now, at least.

LOOK: Snapchat image shows Big 12 logo and Cincinnati branding at print shop

The Big 12 will announce something about expansion early Monday evening.

Discriminatory BYU Honor Code should keep Cougars out of Big 12

The conference can’t afford to add an expansion school that already unapologetically violates Big 12 bylaws.

Renegotiation of TV contracts is an option for the Big 12

There is another choice other than expanding or maintaining the status quo.

AAC schools likely Big 12 targets for expansion in next month

The networks may be the only thing standing between the conference and the addition of four schools.

Conspiracy revealed: Texas is trying to create a Longhorn Conference

The ‘Horns have been outed.

Yup, UT’s support of Houston is reportedly tied to land deal

Texas politics, y’all!

BON podcast on UH addition craziness, Texas FB, and more

Some stuff happened and we decided to talk about it for your enjoyment.

Fenves follows Abbott in supporting consideration of UH

Politics is the Lone Star State is nothing if not consistently looney.

Texas governor advocates for Houston to the Big 12

Oh, you too? Great.

Big 12 to consider adding 2 to 4 teams

And it could all go down by by the 2017 season.