College GameDay Preseason Predictions


Considering that few, if any, drive the season narrative as much as these guys, it's not a bad thing that all but Holtz see Texas in the title game.

BON Pick 'Em League


Go. Register. Pick games against the spread. Win prizes.* *To be announced only after I mail out t-shirts owed to people for, oh, a year or so. One thing at a time.

Rashod Favors Commits to OU


For those following recruiting, I think we're counting this as bad news in the Darius White sweepstakes.

Oklahoma State tight end quits team


The news of Perrish Cox's arrest last week for driving with a suspended license was a distraction. The news that starting tight end Jamal Mosley quit the team is a problem. My question from last week just got more interesting.

Syracuse Football Hurts - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician


Just a hilarious video creation from the inimitable Troy Nunes.

Cosby in battle to make Bengals roster.


Despite his heroics, Quan is in a real battle to make the squad. Good luck Quan. I just KNOW he will be a good pro.

New South Endzone pics


Great Freddie Steinmark memorial. The new tunnel looks awesome!

A REAL look at how the BCS rankings are devised (from last year, but thought i'd bump it) lol


A REAL look at how the BCS rankings are devised (from last year, but thought i'd bump it) lol

Sexy Dexy poised to break out


I would have said his Junior season was the breakout season, but heck I'll be happy if he takes his game to another level this year. "During his few years in Austin, Dexter Pittman has lost a lot of weight but gained a lot of game. Pittman enrolled at Texas out of shape and overweight. Pittman obviously didn't play much. But before last season, he took the initiative to lose weight and improve his conditioning. Pittman's minutes increased, and he flourished in the Longhorns' frontcourt. The senior forward only played 16 minutes per game as a junior, but a further increase this year, combined with an improvement in his game, means his scoring average of 10 points per game will increase dramatically as well."

"Inadvertent" violations continue at OU


Honestly, how many times can you "inadvertently" break the same rules? When is the hammer going to come down on these clowns?