Texas Scores 99 Overall in NCAA 13 Ratings


99 overall with 99 defense (accurate) and 91 offense (not accurate).

Erik Huhn scouting report from BC


Since I'm busy working on my content from the Colleyville Heritage SQT over the weekend (as well as other work responsibilities), I still haven't had a chance to put together any thoughts on newest 'Horn Erik Huhn. Fortunately for y'all, Scipio Tex did have the opportunity to watch the film and wants the consternation about Huhn's offer (and, relatedly, his skin color) to abate. Or at least pause to view the film before passing judgement.

Texas Mens Golf Wins National Championship


Texas Mens Golf Wins National Championship

And It's Goodbye To A&M


Texas A&M baseball was top 5 to start the year and a near unanimous preseason pick to win the Big 12 crown but they will not even make a super regional after getting crushed 10-2 by future Big 12 squad TCU. The Ags still haven't won a College World Series game since 1993. Helps dull the pain of our three year drought.

TexAgs attack Washington Post


h/t to HopkinsHorn for sourcing this article. Looks like Aggie pain is in bloom. I understand the reason for protecting intellectual property (ie. The 12th Man) but some take it a bit too far.

B1G 2012 // Keeping the Enemy Close: Bitterness, Thy Name Is Nebraska


Ah, the news-less grind of the offseason. A perfect time to kick your rivals, including former rivals. Needless to say, it didn't take a lot of arm-twisting to get me to accept Big 10 blog Off Tackle Empire's invitation to weigh in on the damaged psyche of former conference mate, and UT bitch, Nebraska. Happy Friday, BON.

Texas Feels Threatened By The SEC?


personally i think the poll at the end of the article is the funniest part of the whole thing

DeLoss Dodds: Master Troll


We knew that Dodds is a gangster. We didn't know he is such an accomplished troll. On Thursday, Dodds tore into the Aggies and others.

Remainder of 2012 class arrives on campus


It was a big weekend for 22 members of the 2012 Texas recruiting class, as the remainder of the freshman class arrived on campus. The Texas Gang Or Die movement has now officially arrived in Austin.

Texas Possibly on Outside Looking in for NCAA Tournament


Thanks to Missouri winning the automatic bid, it seems like we'll be part of the last 9 out of a spot at the Regionals. Obviously, we knew this was a down year, but they way we completely fell apart down the stretch is unacceptable. NCAA Regionals are set, and the rest of the field will be selected 11am CST, May 28th on ESPNU.