Ra'Shaad Samples names top six, 'Horns make cut


Thursday was a big day on Twitter for Samples, as he set his announcement top and named his top six. Which teams other than the 'Horns made the list? Does Samples even have a committable offer? You'll have to read to find out.

Muschamp Pokes fun of a$m


tired of the off season? The GTFO tour ends soon but the aggie jokes will continue to amuse us for years to come.

Texas Football Season Preview


Hey guys, I wrote an article about the Longhorns and how they project this upcoming season. Feel free to check it out, any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. Thanks

FSU President adopts Aggie logic


The fact that these two sentences appear together makes me giggle: "FSU is advantaged by that aspect of the contract over the majority of other ACC schools. 2. Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas A&M left the Big 12, at least in part because the Big 12 is not an equal share conference." So, the Big 12 is bad because it is not equal share, and the ACC is good because the contract is to their advantage?

Relegation in college football: Why it's awesome and should happen


It's the offseason, which means it's the perfect time for hypotheticals. In that vein, Spencer Hall takes a look at the potential for relegation in college football. While recognizing the moving parts and difficulties of implementation, I love the idea, personally. What say y'all?

Vince Young signs with the Bills


The former Longhorn star has agreed to terms with Buffalo on a one-year deal reputed to be worth $2 million with some possible incentives on top. The deal will unite the two players Houston Texans fans debated about taking in the 2006 NFL Draft in VY and Mario Williams, who was also added during the offseason.

West Virginia Joins OU and TCU in Fulmer Cup Race


Stealing Gatorade and Dorritos...come guys, couldn't you just shake down a vending machine? Very weak effort for Fulmer Points and that is not going to win you the Fulmer Award in the Big XII.

More concerns about Daeshon Hall


So, the trips to Baylor and Texas A&M were major red flags for Lancaster defensive end commit Daeshon Hall, who is certainly best categorized as a soft pledge at this point, but there may be more. Scipio Tex was tipped off about some rumblings around the Pacific Northwest that the Hall family could be headed back in that direction, which could seriously open up his recruitment. Not time to panic, but time for continued serious concern, as defensive end recruiting in this class could quickly become a major issue.