KFV = Relentless


This will make you smile.. with all your teeth.

Spanish article about Colt McCoy


If you speak spanish you must read this article about Colt McCoy and his first start as a pro. If you don't, it's a good time to learn. In Spain is so anusual this kind of articles and this one has been published in the second (in a grade of importance) sports newspaper. BTW the article has been written by me. I hope you enjoy it.

Breaking - Cleve Bryant Takes Leave of Absence


Mums the word coming out of Belmont. Hopefully we are not dealing with a "Favre" moment. Nice distraction leading up to game day.

Tim Brewster could be fired if Purdue beats Minny tomorrow


Minnesota would not confirm nor deny a report Friday that it will fire coach Tim Brewster if the team loses Saturday at Purdue. Citing sources with knowledge of the situation, reported Friday that the university drafted a press release and media plan Thursday to institute if the Gophers lose Saturday to fall to 1-6. The report said Brewster would have to decide whether he wants to remain as coach for the season's final five games. Eh...anyone want him back as tight ends coach?

Nebraska's Memorial Stadium built for Greg Davis' Offense. Looks like it goes east and west, maybe...


Nebraska's Memorial Stadium built for Greg Davis' Offense. Looks like it goes east and west, maybe we have a chance.

Quan's Rings...thought this was worth sharing


Quan's Rings...thought this was worth sharing

Baylor Kick-Off Time?


What are the rumors about when the Baylor kick-off time is going to be?

I Am Greg Davis

I Am Greg Davis

Week 7 TV Coverage Maps


Well, we had terrible coverage of the 'horns last week during the bye week ! So this week the WWL is making up for it big time. The whole USA except for Big10 country will see the 'horns at 3:30 EDT on ABC. And even our mid-western friends will see the game on the reverse mirror on ESPN. At the moment the 'horns game is the only game posted on the coverage website. If you happen to be interested in other games as well, check back later or tomorrow...I suspect they will update the coverage website with more selections later. Update - Thurs 10/14 They have now published a few more maps regarding coverage in Big10 country - not quite so rosey. They now say you rust belters will see the 'horns on what they call ESPN-SD (DirecTV 210, Dish 145, and ESPN3). Also that ESPN News will be temporarily moved to ESPN-HD. I don't know why they are doing this. Go to the link and check it out yourself. The rest of the country (non-Big10 areas) is unaffected, Texas Nebraska is still on ABC.

Texas to Retire Colt McCoy's Jersey


Moving from the Mack announcement page for discussion. Anyone disagree with the decision?