Evans a douche even in bitter defeat


I thought reading a post mortem that Thayer Evans was forced to write about Texas's upset of NU would be utterly delicious but Evans' sanctimonious shit train of self-righteousness just kept rolling along in this little piece of journalism. Instead of owning up to the fact that he knows nothing about football and that his goal as a writer is to discredit, belittle and generally antagonize Texas, he makes no attempt to eat crow and takes character shots at the team. I guess this is due to the stark contrast between us and the dispassionate classiness that Nebraska fans have displayed in regard to this game (oh wait...) Here are a few of my favorite pregame Thayerisms (interspersed with my own commentary)- GG - So Thayer do I even need to ask who you got in this one? I already know who you're rooting for (or more accurately, against). Thayer Evans: I really like Nebraska to have its way against Texas. GG - How do you think Taylor Martinez will handle playing on a significantly larger stage than he's ever seen against a defense that is faster at every position than any defense he has faced to this point? Thayer Evans: I do think Martinez will score plenty of touchdowns because I expect the tough Nebraska defense to force plenty of turnovers against the awful Texas offense and set him in great field position. GG - An interesting perspective. What if I posited that Texas will probably not turn the ball over at all and has the talent to keep Nebraska's offense out of the end zone for the whole game by playing disciplined gap control and tackling well in the front 6? Thayer Evans: This game could get ugly for Texas. Nebraska is still smarting from last year's controversial loss to Texas in the Big 12 championship game and since this is its last year in the Big 12, I expect the Cornhuskers to go for blood if they get a chance. GG - I don't know Thayer. The weight of NU fans' expectations and anticipation of this game may leave the NU receivers and run defense surprisingly lacking in opportunism or bloodthirstiness. Thayer Evans: In fact, I'm guessing Texas coach Mack Brown knows his team will take a beating at Nebraska on Saturday and decided to retire McCoy's jersey this week to remind folks that his team isn't very good this year and that he did win a lot of games the previous seasons. GG - Now that's just cold Thayer. Brown has never been one to take such a defeatist attitude. At least this chat is reminding folks that you were also a huge douche in previous seasons. Anyway man wrap it up for me. What's the final score in this one? Thayer Evans: Nebraska wins 35-10 in a bloodbath and it leaves Texas coach Mack Brown with a 3-3 record at Texas for the first time. Ouch. Not even hello Holiday Bowl this season. GG - Ok well I guess the final score was buried somewhere in that emotionally charged diatribe. There you have it folks. The Huskers are going to more than double the spread so feel free to bet your life savings on the over in this one.

ESPN Article re: Texas vs Nub


We did it. We did it because we're Texas. And we played Nebraska.

KFV = Relentless


This will make you smile.. with all your teeth.

Spanish article about Colt McCoy


If you speak spanish you must read this article about Colt McCoy and his first start as a pro. If you don't, it's a good time to learn. In Spain is so anusual this kind of articles and this one has been published in the second (in a grade of importance) sports newspaper. BTW the article has been written by me. I hope you enjoy it.

Breaking - Cleve Bryant Takes Leave of Absence


Mums the word coming out of Belmont. Hopefully we are not dealing with a "Favre" moment. Nice distraction leading up to game day.

Tim Brewster could be fired if Purdue beats Minny tomorrow


Minnesota would not confirm nor deny a report Friday that it will fire coach Tim Brewster if the team loses Saturday at Purdue. Citing sources with knowledge of the situation, reported Friday that the university drafted a press release and media plan Thursday to institute if the Gophers lose Saturday to fall to 1-6. The report said Brewster would have to decide whether he wants to remain as coach for the season's final five games. Eh...anyone want him back as tight ends coach?

Nebraska's Memorial Stadium built for Greg Davis' Offense. Looks like it goes east and west, maybe...


Nebraska's Memorial Stadium built for Greg Davis' Offense. Looks like it goes east and west, maybe we have a chance.

Quan's Rings...thought this was worth sharing


Quan's Rings...thought this was worth sharing