Nice blurb about KD extension


KD really is a 'swell guy!' Guy represents UT with all the determination and class anyone could possibly want out of their past superstars. Congrats on him making his dream a wealthy reality.

Thoughts on Texas football at College Football Zealots


Head on over to College Football Zealots for some of my thoughts on the upcoming football season and be sure to read some of the other previews there, which are as in-depth as you will find for a nationally-oriented site. As food for thought, both Phil Steele and Athlon have the 'Horns ending up in the Cotton Bowl. Would a Cotton Bowl berth represent a disastrous season for Texas, as it would probably come on the heels of three or so losses?

Predicting The Season: Wyoming @ Texas


Can Wyoming bring its magic to Austin this year? Probably not but this is a fun way to pass the summer to smack talk future opponents, and voting who will win. Of Course Texas will win, but still go and vote.

"At that point in time, we knew he was good, but we didn’t know he was that good. In high school, y...


"At that point in time, we knew he was good, but we didn’t know he was that good. In high school, you didn’t single cover Kirkendoll," Estes said. "We put Aaron in there early in the second quarter and matched him up on him man to man. Kirkendoll didn’t catch another pass, As a matter of fact, he didn’t get open again. There were some things when they tried to throw the ball to him, some of the things Aaron did, you just can’t do that."

Jack Estes, his high school defensive coordinater, on Williams being matched up man-to-man on Kirkendoll, back when Kirkendoll demanded bracket coverage.

2010 Big 12 Football Coaches as South Park characters source: photobucket


2010 Big 12 Football Coaches as South Park characters source: photobucket

Damion James' first NBA summer league game


In about 28 minutes of action, he scored 11 points, grabbed 5 boards, and accumulated 7 personal fouls (10 foul limit in summer league)

All Longhorns ESPN Mailbag


DU: The defense will keep the Longhorns streak of winning 10 games for the past nine seasons alive. How many more they win is up to Gilbert. If he plays well, Texas could go undefeated. The defense won’t be able to beat teams like Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas A&M by itself. If he plays poorly in those games, the defense will need to make a couple big plays or force some timely turnovers to win.

Brian Orakpo welcomes Rak Jr.


Chris Ogbonnaya breaks the news