Texas basketball recruits dominate summer camp scene


Hey guys, I'm writing for the Austin Examiner as a Texas Longhorns Examiner and I just finished this article on Myck Kabongo and DeAndre Daniels. Thought you guys might want to check out my take on two futures stars for UT.

Houston to Big 12?


Saw this article this morning. Thoughts on Houston to Big 12? I don't think they have a chance, but I guess if your Houston there will probably never be this window of opportunity again (if you can call this a window of opportunity).

Shipley is awesome


The Bengals think Shipley is awesome, I agree.

Windbag Clay Travis calls out Texas


Man, I can't stand this guy. For those not familiar with him, he's a Tennessee fan. He's a lawyer that graduated from Vanderbilt, got into sports writing, and wrote a book on the SEC and another on Fulmer's last year. Basically he's the prototypical dirtbag lawyer who can talk a nice game and likes to smell his own farts. "the Longhorns have just one national title in the past 39 years, nearly two generations of failing to capture the ultimate prize."... of course his Volunteers have captured a single championship in the last 43-59 years depending on whether you count the one awarded by Litkenhous for their 9-2 season. Anyway, the real reason I posted this is to share this. Click Legend vs Clay Travis. The Legend is frequent caller to the Paul Finebaum show, and an Alabama fan.

James Vaughters to Stanford


Anybody else surprised? I thought that he would end up somewhere in the Southeast.

New Big 12 (10) Basketball Scheduling


Football most people knew but I think the new take on basketball will be a lot of grueling fun. Helpful with recruiting too. "The basketball teams will play 18 league games instead of 16 and will still have a postseason tournament. Each team will play all league opponents at home and away - meaning a powerhouse program like Kansas will visit each Big 12 arena annually." Wish I was still a student now.....