Buffalo chicken dip


Anyone know where this recipe page went? I've searched high and low, but using the search engine here is like asking Helen Keller for a lift.

Gary Johnson fractures skull


Scary news out of Israel where Texas-ex Gary Johnson is playing professional basketball. Apparently the injury resulted from an accidental elbow to his forehead. Prayers and thoughts to Gary and his family.

Perriloux Sighting


Maybe Augie shoulda' offered him.

State Rep Introduces Bill to force UT and A&M to play annual Rivalry game


Apparently according to the bill if an institution refused to play the other they would be penalized and would suffer restrictions on their athletic scholarships.....

WR James Clark


Does anyone know how high the level of competition is for this guy? He's going to be a star somewhere. Reminds me of santonio holmes, maybe even a bit stronger than holmes. I hope he at least takes a visit to Austin

Pro Bowl Roster with 5 Longhorns


5 former Horns in the Pro Bowl. Jamaal Charles Henry Melton-starter Derrick Johnson Earl Thomas Phil Dawson I would personally vote for ET as a starter, and would probably go with Johnson over Mayo for the inside linebacker spot.