Insights: Recruiting Texas HS Football


Great article over at The Athletic. General consensus among HS coaches who were interviewed is that Sark & Co are doing a great job within Texas. Paywalled. On the differences between Texas and aTm, "With the new staff at Texas, I don’t know that there’s a huge difference (between A&M and Texas). With the last staff, there was an arrogance. When Tom Herman came in the office, I gave him a prospect sheet and he sat down and he’s got his legs crossed like he’s running stuff. Then he leaves and the same prospect sheet is still sitting there. He just left it there, didn’t even take it with him. Stuff like that pissed me off."

Rowing National Champs ... Barely!


Texas, Washington & Stanford finished in a 3-way tie (126 points each) after the 3 races, but the tiebreaker goes to the finish in the last race - the varsity eight boat - which UT won (and thus wins the national championship).

Tennis National Champs!


Texas women’s tennis beats Pepperdine (4-3) to win national championship. Hook Em!

What Happened to the Ben Davis Transfer from Bama?

1 reported on March 4th that LB/JACK Ben Davis had already transferred from Alabama to Texas. I never heard any confirmation of that. Anyone know?

Any word on whether or not we're actively going after the LB's?


Just curious if we are trying to get some of these guys like Henry or Palaie since we're pretty thin?

Clemson LB Transfer Portal


Clemson’s LB Mike Jones Jr. is entering the transfer portal as a grad transfer with 3 yrs eligibility. Go get him, PK!

Urban Meyer becomes Jaguars HC


This surprised me, as I thought health concerns were a major factor in declining the offer at UT.

Cool Alexa skill for telling the time


checkout this neat little Alexa skill that tells you and the time and adds "and OU still sucks!"

Florida and their expected excuses


Florida's Dan Mullen says depleted Gators could've opted not to play in Cotton Bowl