TEXAS Beats the Virginia Wahoos !!!


As I am singing Zubie-Doobie-Dooo ..... University of Texas @ Omaha WINS again ! Bring on the hated Miss.State Aggies .... time to finally beat them down and HOOK’EM for 2 big wins!




OU had to overcome bad ref calls in both games against Texass this year

OU had to overcome bad ref calls in both games against Texass this year

College Gameday


Just posted they will be in Dallas!!


"It is difficult to ever find a stranger box score..."


"It is difficult to ever find a stranger box score than that of Texas' 42-28 win over Rice."

Bill Connelly, writing about the weekend in college football. (Warning: Post also contains praise for Oklahoma ... and a fair bit of mirth about Arkansas.)

Charlie Strong is sick of coaches making 'excuses' for players hitting women


"There is no way a guy should hit a woman," he said. "There is no reason for it. If it happens, you need to find somewhere else to play. It isn't hard. Sometimes people think it's hard. You have values. Treat women with respect. No drugs. No weapons. How hard is that? I don't get it."

Charlie Strong, on a visit to ESPN's Bristol campus yesterday.

QB Golson: ND blocked Texas transfer


"I would’ve definitely entertained it, but just knowing that I couldn’t, it kinda limited me. It was pretty awkward, but it was kind of expected. It would’ve been interesting to see Texas. They (Notre Dame) basically limited me to the schools that we wouldn’t play. I wasn’t really surprised by it."

-- Former Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson to FOX Sports

Will Texas pursue a transfer QB?


"It's less of a need. We don't really have those types of talks right now because of the way those guys have performed."

Assistant head coach for offense/quarterbacks coach Shawn Watson on Thursday.

Big Anthony Wheeler update


"Wheeler’s parents want him at Texas, but his (Wheeler’s) relationship with Frank Shannon is the only thing holding it back. However, Wheeler and Shannon had a long talk last night. Either way it looks like this is closer than most thought between OU and Texas."

The Skyline linebacker is set to announce during the third quarter of the Under Armour Game and according to Football Brainiacs, another source in addition to the one cited above thinks Texas will be the pick.

What would have kept VY at Texas for one more year


"[The] reason why I came out early [was] because the Texans had the number one pick. I would have stayed if they weren’t going to pick me."

– Vince Young on the 2006 NFL Draft, as revealed during 2006 Rose Bowl: A Football Life, which airs Friday on the NFL Network.

The tweak that has helped the Texas defense


"They've simplified everything," said one Big 12 offensive coordinator. "Before you saw all these different fronts and coverages, and now it looks like they've thrown 80 percent of that (bleep) out. Now, it's basically Cover 3 and Cover 1, and they remembered that they've still got a lot of really good athletes over there."

As told to Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports.