Settling In For The Game


A funny video a buddy shared with me last week. Now time to get comfy for some Thursday Night College Football!

WATCH: Get To Know Todd Orlando


Saw several others in this series posted, but did not see this one. Popped up on my twitter feed. Happy watching and Hook 'Em!

SI's Maggie Gray on Baylor Scandal


SI reporter believes Baylor should forfeit next season.

KD displays amazing athleticism


This double jump by KD is crazy. For whatever it's worth, ballbreakdown tweeted that they think KD, if he put consistent effort on defense like this (probably can't because of his offensive responsibilities), would be just as good a defender as Kawhi. Not sure I'd go that far, but KD and his boys are unnerving Golden State with their length and athleticism.

Celebrate Leap Day with Cory Redding


Quite an impressive display of athleticism from an all-time great Texas defensive end. And how about the fact that he's still in the league all these years later?

WATCH: Mack Brown Receives Bear Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award


Former Texas Longhorns coach Mack Brown received the Paul "Bear" Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award in Houston on Jan. 13. In the video, Brown discusses his accomplishments at Texas and makes a speech at the award ceremony.

Tank Jackson Likes Suits


Great background feature on Tank Jackson. Talk about a tear jearker... a great young man.

WATCH: Sights, sounds from Texas Longhorns' 84-82 Victory over UNC


A good time was had by all when Texas took on UNC Saturday. Well, all except the Tar Heels maybe. This video from captures the action around the Frank Erwin Special Events Center.

Justin Tucker sings for a charity event


Had a few music classes with Tucker. He's the real deal. Also, Earl Thomas is a helluva jazz pianist.