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Texas-Oklahoma: Quotables

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Coaches and players forced to share thoughts on a thing that has few words about it appropriate to be shared in such a situation.

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Tom Pennington - Getty Images

Head coach Mack Brown, on yet another loss to the Sooners...

"I thought they out-coached us. I thought they out-hit us and they were more physical than we were."

Sadly, that describes a handful of games from the series between Bob Stoops and Mack Brown, which has been completely owned by Stoops in years Vince Young and Colt McCoy didn't play quarterback. And even a few they did.

It just keeps happening.

Brown, the disappointment of the loss...

"It's just unacceptable for Texas to lose like that to Oklahoma, much less anybody, especially two years in a row. I'm disappointed for our coaches, fans and players. That's not who we are."

2000 -- Oklahoma 63, Texas 14

2003 -- Oklahoma 65, Texas 13

2011 -- Oklahoma 55, Texas 17

2012 -- Oklahoma 63, Texas 21

That's not who we are? Really? Kinda *$*%*# seems like it.

Brown, on the Texas offense...

"It was inept."

Brown and senior safety Kenny Vaccaro, on things going terribly...

"It is what is."

Yeah, thanks. I don't have a lot more than that, either. One of the most awkward press conferences ever.

Brown, on what Oklahoma showed that was new...

"Nothing. When you get a zone play for 95 yards, that's not new."

Also not new? Demarco Cobbs playing terribly, not coming close to filling his gap and simply giving himself up to the blocker, the secondary taking bad angles and getting in each others way, and giving up long touchdowns.

Brown, on the overall performance...

"It's not a proud moment for us."

Yeah, not so much on the proud moments, this Saturday.

Co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin, on the Oklahoma defense's gameplan...

"They did a nice job, and were prepared for what we had been doing. So we had to find some other ways of doing it. And we did that with Daje Johnson and [RB/WR] D.J. Monroe had some opportunities in the second as well. Again, when we are in the red zone we put the ball in their hands, but we just didn't get down there."

Zero touches for Johnson and Monroe in the first half. Because of "the flow of the game." How Greg Davis. Coaching drivel. Sorry excuses. Another conservative start to the game. Shocking the Oklahoma defense was ready for that.

Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, talking about obvious things...

We're getting out-hit. But part of when you're getting out hit is if you don't play fast and confident, and when you wait, you ending up catching blocks instead of attacking blocks... What we are doing right now is we are not doing that, and that is what I have to coach. [I have] to get the defense to play faster versus the run.

That about summarizes it. The disturbing thing is the lack of progress. Oklahoma is a better team than they were three weeks ago. If Texas isn't demonstrably worse, merely playing against better opponents, they aren't doing anything close to improving.