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Texas Longhorns Football and Recruiting Weekly Chat

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Longhorns fans join billfromlaketravis around the virtual water cooler to discuss Texas' disastrous loss to Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, and what impact it may have on Longhorns recruiting.

Chat begins at 7:00 pm CT

Texas was boat raced by OU yesterday. We're all aware of this painful fact. So tonight I'm going to do something a little different. Instead of breaking down the game, I'd like to discuss the state of the program.

Texas needs to look in the mirror and decide who they are. Are they a good program that consistently loses to their only rival OU and wins Cotton Bowls or are they an elite program that beats OU and wins national championships? Mack Brown's Texas Longhorns are now 5-9 against Bob Stoops' Sooners. Stoops has blown out Mack almost as many times as Mack has beaten the Sooners. Mack Brown cannot consistently beat OU. This is painfully obvious.

So what does Texas do? I don't know any Texas alumni, fans or boosters that are content with consistently losing to OU. Yesterday might have broken the dam. Many Mack apologists and some of his most ardent supporters told me they want him gone. I have never been a proponent of replacing Mack, but today I am.

I sat through 63-14 and 65-13. These are both series defining losses. Scores that will be remembered for generations, but Mack was still a new coach at Texas at the time. You felt Texas was on their way up and had a shot the following year. This one is different. Mack has been on the job at Texas for 14 seasons. He has had Texas ready to play against OU only once in 2005. In 13 other Red River Rivalry games Texas has come out timid, afraid to lose and overwhelmed.

Think about it this way. If you gave a yearly presentation at work every year for 14 years and you were prepared only once, would you expect to keep your job? It's about accountability. College football is now a business, and Texas should be run that way.

Mack can't go to the boosters and the administration after the season and argue his success against the other rival TAMU. They're not on the schedule anymore. OU is Texas' only true rival now. Texas must beat them or they won't contend for national championships. Voters and future selection committee members look at the RRR game as one Texas must win to be considered for for the post season.

Mack has called the OU game "just another game on the schedule." This is an ignorant statement, and makes me question if Mack is the right man to lead Texas. OU treats the RRR as the most important game on their schedule, and their players have responded accordingly.

I believe Mack should be allowed to finish the season and then retire. He gave Texas a national championship and he deserves our respect. He also deserves our criticism.

Please discuss. Feel free to disagree. A few ground rules:

1) Please keep the criticism constructive. Solutions, not whining.
2) No personal attacks. Watch the foul language. We're Texas fans and we should hold ourselves to the highest standard.