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Mack Brown: David Ash "Okay," Practicing

The Texas Longhorns head coach updated the injury status of his starting quarterback on the Big 12 media conference call Monday morning.

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Hours after the school announced that sophomore quarterback David Ash does not have a fractured wrist, head coach Mack Brown provided another update:

Even more good news for Ash and the Longhorns, though it's rather hard to believe that Ash is actually completely "okay" after his wrist looked like this immediately following the injury:

After what happened last season with Joe Bergeron and Malcolm Brown, the Texas head coach has been adamant that he's as honest with the media as he can possibly be, even saying that he'd like to make the trainers available to speak with the media so he doesn't have to be the middle man.

In any case, if Ash is healthy and ready to play this weekend, even after the struggles against Oklahoma, he's still proved to be the best quarterback on the Texas roster by what is likely a healthy margin.