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Texas Longhorns Football: Yeah, We Talkin' 'Bout Practice

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The Longhorns are trying to recover from the devastating loss this weekend, so that means the players and coaches are talking about how things are getting back on track.

Cooper Neill - Getty Images

No team practices better than after a big loss. That being the case, few teams in the history of football have practiced better than Mack Brown teams post OU. Maybe none.

Sophomore defensive tackle Tank Jackson certainly thinks the Longhorns practiced well on Tuesday:

The practice today was really, really great (!!!). We had a lot of intensity (!!!). We played in the rain. It was pretty fun (!!!!) today. We did a real good job with the energy and the charisma (!!!) we brought today.

Fun in the rain! Charisma! No more important attribute in football than that, as Manny Diaz has proven conclusively.

I can only imagined it looked like a football version of this:

Sophomore right tackle Josh Cochran thought the practice was awesome:

[There was] lots of energy (!!!), which is what we needed. It was awesome (!!!). You could see that we were ready to go. There was some rain and that made a lot of energy (!!!) and fired everyone up (!!!).

Fun, awesome, charismatic, energetic practicing! It may, in fact, have been the best practice in the history of ever.

Even grizzled Duane Akina was impressed:

I think the practices have been really good. We are all very prideful (!!!), and we got after it. For the most part, the secondary has practiced with a tempo that is very on par with how we have always practiced. They have been very spirited (!!!). Everyone has been buzzing (!!!) around. We are very competitive (!!!) and want to get to the next game and get this taste out of our mouth.

Fun, awesome, charismatic, spirited, prideful, charismatic, energetic buzzing! This team is ready to go! Spirited like a good racehorse!

Despite "fight" against Oklahoma that was mostly constrained to talking trash after making mostly routine plays or getting a celebration penalty after the first offensive touchdown late in the game, co-offensive coordinator and running backs coach Major Applewhite believes the team has some pride:

Anytime you get your pride hurt like that, doesn’t matter what job you are in, you come back with a different vigor (!!!). I think that is when you see more attention in meetings, more urgency on the field, and all those little details that when you get embarrassed, as a competitor that is what you expect to see. That is what these guys are doing. You see a little bit more effort whether it be film study, little more effort in practice, more attentive, more focused because their pride (!!!) is hurt.

Fun, awesome, prideful, spirited, charismatic, energetic, vigorous buzzing! This team is more than ready to go!

Just think about what they would have said after celebrating the second-place Cotton Bowl finish at Chuck E. Cheese's on Tuesday night, which must have really helped pull this group together, too. Nothing like cheese pizza and cheap trophies to help out a devastated team.

To practice so well, some focus is necessary. Do the Longhorns have it? Senior offensive lineman Luke Poehlmann has it, in spades. In the MB-TF transcript, Poehlmann used the word no fewer than eight times. Eight! He's 110% focused! No, he's 150% focused! He's focused past infinity and beyond!

Sounds like Baylor is about to walk into a finely-honed buzzsaw of spirited Longhorns.

Who can doubt that the football will be good after such a practice?

*Exclamation points added for emphasis