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"It Is What It Is" Update: Texas Can't Stop Opposing Senior Stars

You would have thought that things would not be what they are this week after a win, but there is one big issue facing the Texas defense that still is what it is.


Senior Baylor wide receiver Terrance Williams is a stud -- one of the best wide receivers in the country, actually, which will be reflected when the 2013 NFL Draft comes around in a few months.

Skeptical? Just ask sophomore Texas cornerback Quandre Diggs, who was on the receiving end of another dominating performance by Williams against the Longhorns.

After racking up 88 yards and a touchdown last season, with the touchdown coming against the then-freshman, he abused Diggs on multiple plays, including the 80-yard touchdown and a holding penalty he forced when Diggs lost technique and fell for an outside move right along the sideline. All told, the 10 catches by Williams went for 180 yards.

Hey, at least Texas held him under the production he achieved against West Virginia, when he was the recipient of 17 throws from senior quarterback Nick Florence for 314 yards and two touchdowns.

So, there's that.

There's also the fact that he'll be fresh out of eligibility next season, and, therefore, unable to terrorize the Longhorns again. Except in nightmares.

Mack Brown celebrated that point in the post-game, as he has for all those good quarterbacks this season. And will for another:

We lost those four seniors, and we're playing Heisman Trophy quarterbacks each week. I'm glad. I'm going up to every one of them, "[WVU senior QB] Geno [Smith], glad you're gone. Thank you, don't have to see you again." It's just been every week. It's been that way. "[Oklahoma senior Qb] Landry Jones, great. Landry, great career. Leave, get out of here."

I told [Baylor senior WR] Terrance Williams I was so sick of seeing him Saturday night. "Terrance, great. Have a great pro career, I don't have to see you again. [Baylor senior QB] Nick Florence, seems like you've been at Baylor 12 years. Leave." [Kansas State senior QB] Collin Klein. I mean, they're all over the place. There's senior quarterbacks that hang you so good, they're just doing a great job.

But wait, there was the coup de grace -- "It is what it is."

Until it isn't, which will be soon.

The best Texas defense, at this point, to which Brown is essentially alluding? Expiring eligibility.

Now, if only teams would stop recruiting talent to fill in for departed stars, maybe things could be better defensively in the future.