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Texas Football 2012: Are You Ignorant?

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You may be one of Mack's non-friends. You may also be ignorant. Come, be judged.

Bob Levey

Hey friends! How y'all doing?

Some of you may be experiencing emotions after the narrow Kansas victory. This is normal. However, some emotions are not acceptable, and may say terrible things about you. Concerning.

Fortunately, Mack Brown is here to judge you. Let's just answer a simple question to determine whether or not you're ignorant. Unfortunately there are only two choices, because this is Mack Brown's dichotomous world and you are just living in it.

Select whichever best applies:

A. You spent Saturday afternoon being angry about the mostly listless performance by Texas. You feel that the standards of the Texas program are not being reached. You feel little impetus to celebrate a win over Kansas. A victory over the conference doormat just isn't a big win.

B. You buy the spin from the football program and have gleefully moved on, looking forward to a 4-0 finish to the season because things are "as good as it gets" since Texas won AND played poorly enough for the coaches to get the attention of the players. Life is good and so is the football after such a monumental victory.

If you answered A, you are ignorant and cannot have opinions about the football program. You are probably also a non-friend and have probably already burned or destroyed all your tickets and don't support Texas football or the players. Because that is what ignorant non-friends do. All of them. Without fail.

If you answered B, you may still be Mack's friend and are eligible to receive a Christmas card thanking you for your complete and total malleability. He appreciates that, because it makes complete his total and absolute control not only of the message, but also of how people think and feel. Total. Mind. Control.

On Monday, Sean Adams of Horns Nation wondered where the standards of Texas football are these days ($), with the coaches and players celebrating a win over a team that hasn't won a game over an FBS opponent this season and hasn't won a conference game since beating hapless Colorado nearly two years ago.

The answer is that those standards are being happy with any conference win, no matter how poor the opponent is. Welcome to the new Big 12. Welcome to the new Texas football.

If you don't like that, Mack Brown will call you names.

It is what it is.