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Texas-Texas Tech tentatively set for Thanksgiving 2013

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The Longhorns may be close to getting their wish of hosting alternating opponents at home every Thanksgiving.

Erich Schlegel

With the news on Monday that Texas Tech has tentatively been scheduled as the team Texas will play next Thanksgiving, it appears that the Longhorns have gotten their wish:

When the Aggies left the Big 12, athletic director DeLoss Dodds and the Texas administration made it clear that they wanted to host alternating teams every Thanksgiving, so there had been rumors in the past of just such an arrangement. The schedule should just be a formality at this point.

New commissioner Bob Bowlsby had said there were some impediments to such a scheme:

It creates a dynamic in the schedule that's a challenge. It's easy to make it so they play every Thanksgiving. It's not easy to make it so they play every Thanksgiving at home, which is what they want. So that requires other accommodations.

Those accommodations have been made, apparently, so it looks like Longhorn fans can schedule their Thanksgivings in Austin indefinitely.

Power move by the 'Horns? Maybe so, but that's pretty much just how Dodds rolls and haters just gonna hate anyway.