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Case McCoy to start against Kansas State

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It didn't take until Mack Brown's press conference for some big news to drop on Monday morning.

Darren Carroll

During the weekly Big 12 conference call, Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown was quick to drop some breaking news:

It's an understandable move to make early in the week -- with Ash questionable, the team can't afford to wait to see if the sophomore will be healthy enough to play, then have to change the gameplan at the last minute if he can't.

There also continue to be rumors that Ash did not inform the coaching staff of his injury, which likely occurred early in the game and could have contributed to his poor performance.

For now, though McCoy will prepare for his first start in over a year, since his four-interception performance against Baylor that likely contributed to David Ash getting the start against Cal in the Holiday Bowl.