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Reports: Case McCoy, Jordan Hicks are the players sent home from Alamo Bowl

Though nothing is official, there are reports revealing the names of the two players who have been sent home.

Wesley Hitt

Reports from Inside Texas and have revealed the names of the two players who have been sent home from the Alamo Bowl:

The two players obviously match the descriptions provided by San Antonio police earlier. No charges have yet been filed against either of the players involved.

Hicks was going to miss the game anyway because of his hip injury that has kept him out since the Ole Miss game in September. He will seek a medical redshirt and could now be in danger of missing games next season, pending the outcome of the investigation.

As for McCoy, he was set to be the back-up quarterback for the game and his absence could push senior punter Alex King back into that role, which he filled against Kansas State when David Ash was out because of his rib injury. In that game, the coaches weren't willing to burn the redshirts of Jalen Overstreet or Connor Brewer, but that equation may be a bit different with the importance of winning the Alamo Bowl and heading into the offseason on whatever positive note is possible considering the circumstances.