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Video: Texas Players Once Again "Earning The Right"

Emerging from the crater of the 2010 season, strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie has been emphasizing the standards that earned all those victories for head coach Mack Brown.

It's been a process for Bennie Wylie to rebuild the Texas Longhorns football team from the ground up -- brick by brick, you might say, to enable the program to RISE once again.

Okay, okay, that was kinda terrible.

But it's also true. From poorly attended workouts in the summer to players loafing at practice, failing to go hard every rep, the standard that players were once held to at Texas had fallen by the wayside.

No more.

Wearing the burnt orange and white isn't a right afforded simply by a scholarship. It's earned through hard work and dedication. And Wylie is there every step of the way to make sure that playing time is truly earned.