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Case McCoy, Jordan Hicks sexual assault investigation case is closed

No charges will be filed against either player.


Two weeks to the day after attorneys for Texas Longhorns football players Jordan Hicks and Case McCoy released statements that no charges would be filed against either player, the San Antonio Police Department finally told KEYE-TV that the case has officially been closed.

At the time the lawyers released the statements, SAPD had said not so fast, that the investigation was still open and ongoing. Since then, the only update was that the police department still had not made a recommendation to the districdt attorney about whether or not to file charges, even though it was unclear what could have been left to investigate weeks after the incident.

It seems that the recommendation was finally made.

Both players were reinstated to the team January 13 when they reported for practice after being sent home from the Alamo Bowl for violating team rules. Head coach Mack Brown said at the time that further disciplined would be handled within the team, so both players will be available for the 2013 opener.