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Case closed? No charges will be filed against Case McCoy or Jordan Hicks

After a quiet period, there may have been some resolution gained on Wednesday in the sexual assault allegations against the two Texas football players.

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

According to the attorney for Texas Longhorns linebacker Jordan Hicks, officials in San Antonio have declined to file charges against either Hicks or quarterback Case McCoy.

However, the San Antonio police have said that the investigation is not yet closed and is still ongoing.

The future of the two players in the Texas program had been up in the air after they were sent home from the Alamo Bowl the day before the game when news surfaced that a young woman had alleged that the two players sexually assaulted her early that Friday morning in her hotel room.

The suspensions were for violating curfew, and therefore breaking team rules.

It is not known at this time whether there will be additional penalties for the two players, but the fact that charges have not and will not be filed would seem to open up the reinstatement of both at some point early in the 2013 season, at the latest.