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McCoy's attorney backs statements from Hicks' attorney, SAPD releases statement

In the ongoing confusion over whether or not the San Antonio Police Department has decided not to file charges against Texas Longhorns football players Case McCoy and Jordan Hicks, the attorney for McCoy has his own statement:

Additionally, the attorney for Hicks is standing behind his earlier words about the investigation coming to a halt:

Here's what the SAPD has to say about it:

In light of the media inquiries into the allegation of a sexual assault that took place in the early morning hours of December 28, 2012, in the downtown area, the San Antonio Police Department's SVU (Special Victims Unit) is still reviewing the case.

It sounds like the DA may still have a decision to make about the situation, but the police department has recommended that charges not be filed, which explains why the lawyers are saying it has been dropped after receiving phone calls from the department. If that is the case, the odd thing is that they would say they are still reviewing instead of saying that the DA will now make their decision.