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Texas Longhorns special teams scholarship chart

Assessing the short-term and long-term future of the Longhorns.

David Purdy

As the Texas Longhorns get deeper in to the 2013 football season, it's worth assessing the entire scholarship chart to take a deeper look into the immediate and distant future for the program at each position.

(Italics indicate a player who is committed but not yet signed.)

ST 2013 2014 2015 2016
1 Anthony Fera Will Russ  Nick Rose Corbin Daily
2 Cade McCrary Nate Boyer Nick Jordan
3 Will Russ  Nick Rose  Corbin Daily
4 Nate Boyer  Nick Jordan 

5 Nick Rose  Corbin Daily

6 Nick Jordan 

This is your reminder that Will Russ is set to be on scholarship for five years and may never start in any of the three kicking phases. This is also your reminder that back-up kickers on scholarship don't transfer.

And that the Longhorns will have four scholarship kickers again in 2014.

The list here is inflated because Boyer, Rose, and McCrary are the walk ons who earned scholarships this year, normally given out every year in roughly that number. It seems safe to assume that Boyer for sure and likely Rose will continue on scholarship until they exhaust their respective eligibilities.

On the recruiting side, the Longhorns have been averaging a scholarship kicker take every other year in the past, with the addition of Rose the only exception to that cycle. Texas will probably wait until 2016 to offer another scholarship kicker and will hope to fill out the ranks with preferred walk-ons like Rose who can grow into bigger roles and eventually a scholarship.