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Texas-Iowa State: Quotables

Thoughts from coaches and players after another escape act on the road.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown, on the victory...

"It's about winning. It's not about who called plays good or who scored points. Stats do not matter. Points do. So I'm proud of this team, proud of the coaches for hanging in there."

The stragglers would say, "What else is Brown going to say?" And the answer is that, "Yes, it is his right to say this after such a game."

And the right of everyone with a functioning brain to call bullshit.

Brown, on moving forward...

"This gives us some confidence. They're happy in there. They'll feel better going into next week's game. You can coach them hard when you win and you mess a lot of things up."

"This is good. This will be a real positive for us moving forward. I'm really excited. I think I love comeback wins on the road more than anything in football."

Here's the silver lining to the unsatisfactory then -- it seems that the Longhorns wouldn't have been able to coach the team as hard had they lost. Good news.

Brown, on why freshman quarterback Tyrone Swoopes didn't play ($)...

"As tight as that game was, it's hard to put a freshman in."

Also a load of garbage. It's easy -- tell him to warm up, as he did at one point in the second half, have him grab his helmet, send him in the game, and give him a play.

It's terribly unfortunate that the Texas staff jerked around David Ash for two years, pulling him all the time for Case McCoy, but can't do the same to McCoy for a more talented player who would add a needed dimension to the offense.

Brown, defending the cheap shot by Mike Davis...

"I thought he was competing."

Brown also blamed it on Davis not being able to hear the whistle in a loud stadium after a spirited argument with the whistle in the immediate aftermath of the call. Davis said the same thing on Twitter, to a predictable response.

Here's hoping that Brown changes his tune after he has a chance to watch the play.

Iowa State safety Deon Broomfield, on the play...

"Mike Davis really tried to take me out."

Iowa State Cyclones head coach Paul Rhoads, on the fumble that wasn't...

"Giant screen in end zone showed a guy not down and our guy with the football."

The impassioned post-game press conference from Rhoads after the game also included a reference to his team and players having the game "taken away from them." And he's right. He's known for his post-game speeches and his seven-minute post-game press conference was an impressive affair. That's a coach worth playing for, right there. Small surprise that his teams always do for him.

Horns247 Texas beat writer Jeff Howe, on the recruiting impact of the game...

"Recruits know it. They see it. Their families know it. It is what it is at this point."

This after 2015 Ennis defensive end James Lockhart, the top Texas target at the position in his class, was talking about UT letting him down. And right around the same time that 2014 offensive weapon commit Kevin Shorter was talking about how it's something every week with the Longhorns.

It is what it is.

Retiring Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds, on the Oklahoma game...

"It's important. It's our turn, right?"