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Texas WR Mike Davis not sorry about hit on ISU S Deon Broomfield

The Longhorn wide receiver will play against the Sooners after speculation about a possible suspension.

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[Update]: Davis again took to Twitter to clarify his comments:

-- Wescott

Following a reprimand from the Big 12 and the Texas Longhorns, senior wide receiver Mike Davis didn't sound sorry on Monday about the late hit that he put on Iowa State safety Deon Broomfield on Thursday night that was nearly universally regarded as a dirty hit.



On Monday, Davis again defended his actions, as he did on Twitter after the game, saying "If we have another run-pass situation, I'd do the same thing. If the DB's loafing, he deserves to get cut."

That went over about as well as his post-game comments.

He did say that he was glad the Iowa State player wasn't hurt on the play, but thought the comments were blown out of proportion.

"It was crazy," Davis said. "I think people blew it out of proportion and took it too far. It really wasn't that bad."

Head coach Mack Brown, however, backed off his post-game comments that Davis was just "competing" and playing to the whistle, noting that the hit came after the whistle and that his wide receiver was "wrong" to make that hit. He also said that Davis is not a malicious player.

Davis is the second-leading receiver for the Longhorns, one yard and one catch behind junior Jaxon Shipley for the team lead, but has four of the eight touchdowns catches by Texas wideouts. And with no suspension forthcoming, he'll be available to play against Oklahoma this week.

If Oklahoma picks off a pass and has a chance at a return, he should probably keep his head on a swivel, though.