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Texas WR Mike Davis finally apologizes for dirty hit

After a non-apology apology on Monday, Davis finally got it right on Tuesday.

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For those keeping track, it only took nearly five full days for Texas Longhorns wide receiver Mike Davis to actually issue a real apology for his hit on Iowa State safety Deon Broomfield that could have seriously injured the Cyclone defensive back.

After failing to apology after the game or during Monday's press availability, Davis finally did so on Tuesday through the school via a video and statement taking responsibility for his actions.

A hearty volley lobbed at all of those who want to accuse Mack Brown-Texas Football of lacking accountability -- not only has Davis been reprimanded by the league and his school, he actually apologized for a dirty play. No problems around here! No sir.

Here's part of his statement, which he reads in its entirety in the video:

I would like to issue a full apology for not only the play that occurred with Deon Broomfield of Iowa State, but everything that has surrounded this issue. My comments yesterday were not intended to indicate that I would ever do anything illegal or malicious, and I would never have any intent of hurting anyone or doing anything else outside of the rules. I would like to provide a full retraction of anything I said that wasn't apologetic for the play last Thursday, and that I completely understand and accept the reprimand issued by the Big 12.

So loafing defensive backs don't actually deserved to get cut in ways that could end their careers. Gotcha.

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