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The latest on Mack Brown's resignation and a big Saban development

The former is looking more and more inevitable and there was a significant report on the latter.

Kevin C. Cox

For Texas Longhorns fans, the serious Mack Brown resignation watch has now reached around Hour Seven or so with some significant developments since the Orangebloods report broke this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Brown himself is still out recruiting in south Florida, taking in Dalvin Cook's game before holding his in-home meeting with the running back recruit and his family.

So while the eyes of the nation turned to Brown and the Texas coaching situation, he was out with running back coach Larry Porter "killing himself" in the name of the Longhorns.

The look on Brown's face seems familiar though -- it was probably remarkably similar to the thousand-yard stare he had during the Iowa State game when he was looking into the great beyond:

One of the greatest remaining questions in this narrative is whether Brown has actually acknowledged or accepted that this is the end of the road for him -- that there are no more opportunities or excuses, only the inevitable. It's hardly impossible that he has not.

Of course, all that leads to stuff like this:

A shame that Brown didn't make the decision when he had the opportunity in the aftermath of the Baylor game? Brown was the one who was in control of the timing of this thing and how it went down and chose to proceed as if it wasn't going to come quickly to a head. So, yeah.

And the inevitability of Brown's resignation happening in the next several days is gaining more widespread acknowledgement as the afternoon has turned into evening:

There are also reports from the SA News ExpressESPN, and probably some other places as well.

Turning forward to the future, there was a pretty remarkable step taken in the ongoing Nick Saban to Texas that is hard to completely write off:

One source doesn't exactly mean that it's going to happen or even that it's likely to happen, but the strange thing in the immediate aftermath of the tweet was just how quickly national Twitter was to write it all off. Thing is, this wasn't a tweet from Football Brainiacs, a fringe site trying to get out in front of things.

SB Nation's Mark Ennis shed a little more perspective:

Quite the threshold to cross and though Finebaum is probably going to write off that report and any possibility of it happening, there's now more credence to the belief that this thing actually has a chance of going down and breaking the internet in the process.