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Top Texas football plays of 2013, No. 10: David Ash to Kendall Sanders vs. Kansas State

Counting down the top 10 plays of the season for the Horns.

Ronald Martinez

The poor start and terrible competition level against New Mexico State meant there wasn't much of an impact felt from big plays in that game and the BYU contest was such a terrible disaster that there wasn't much positive to take from that game for Texas Longhorns quarterback David Ash, so the highlight of his season came against the Kansas State Wildcats just before it ended.

Late in the first quarter, with the Horns leading 3-0, play caller Major Applewhite dialed up a deep shot on a post route to wide receiver Kendall Sanders off of play-action with fellow wide receiver Marcus Johnson coming in motion behind the formation.

While Ash was ultimately extremely successful in 2012 on such plays, early in that season he had often hitched and the timing wasn't always ideal -- more than a couple of those throws were under thrown.

On this particular play, however, Ash showed off his arm strength and timing, hitting Sanders dead in stride for a 63-yard touchdown that would end up being his last such throw of the season:

After taking the early lead, the Horns never looked back on their way to exorcising a decade's worth of demons against their Purple Overlords.