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Top Texas football plays of 2013, No. 9: Chris Whaley fumble return TD vs. Kansas

The former running back rumbled for his second touchdown of the year to put the game away.

Stacy Revere

There a few things that Twitter loves more than FAT GUY TOUCHDOWNS, but the speed of Texas Longhorns defensive tackle and former running back Chris Whaley makes it questionable to classify his two scores in 2013 as such.

The first score needs no further explanation for most Texas fans and will make an appearance later on this list.

The second was less important in the overall context of the season, but was enough to make Whaley's scores something of a trend, at the least.

In the third quarter of a 14-6 game against the Kansas Jayhawks, Whaley helped turn the uninspired performance into a game with a comfortable margin roughly halfway through the third quarter when he took advantage of a big play by sack master Cedric Reed on a strip-sack by the rangy defensive end.


Such was Whaley's luck at the time that the ball bounced cleanly to him for an easy scoop and score that allowed him to once again show off his open-field jets with the ball tucked high and tight, though he didn't have the opportunity to bulldoze another quarterback on the way to pay dirt.

At the time, the two touchdowns in three games for Whaley were more than starting running back Johnathan Gray had scored during that stretch.

Get your knees up and find that end zone, big guy!