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Top Texas football plays of 2013, No. 7: Marcus Johnson wheel route TD vs. OU

The first appearance of the Master of the Wheel.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On the scale of cathartic wins for the 2013 Texas Longhorns, dropping a rare beatdown on the Oklahoma Sooners after suffering two blowout losses has to rank above throwing off the yoke of the Purple Overlords several weeks earlier.

Texas walked into the Cotton Bowl and out-efforted, out-coached, and out-played Bob Stoops and Oklahoma in a major role reversal.

There were numerous big plays in the game, but the single play that helped create the needed separation against the hated Sooners came just after the start of the second quarter with the Horns holding a 10-3 lead courtesy of an early field goal and defensive tackle Chris Whaley's interception return for a touchdown.

Play caller Major Applewhite dialed up a man-beating route to take advantage of defensive back Kass Everett against the speed of wide receiver Marcus Johnson, who sold the out portion of his wheel route and exploded past Everett down the sideline as quarterback Case McCoy dropped a perfect pass right into Johnson's hands for a monumental 65-yard touchdown.

Not only that, but the play came on 3rd and 10, a difficult down-and-distance to convert that should have effectively ended the Texas drive.

Johnson went on to score another wheel route touchdown early against TCU in a critical situation early in the game and made several other important catches on the season.

A precise route-runner with speed that may be underrated given the separation he created after he hauled in the catch against Oklahoma, Johnson looks poised to increase his role in the Texas offense next season with the departure of premier deep threat Mike Davis.