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Top Texas football plays, No. 5: Game-sealing INT vs. ISU

Two of the team's best players combined to close out the victory against the Cyclones.

David Purdy

Another game on the verge of ranking among the worst defeats of the Mack Brown era ended up as a victory for the Texas Longhorns in a narrow, ugly, contested victory against the Iowa State Cyclones.

Sure are some strange things that happen in Ames on weeknights underneath the lights and between the lines.

The cheap shot by Mike Davis on the Iowa State defensive back. A play to end the half that will show up later on this list. The fumble on the goal line by Johnathan Gray that nearly cost the Horns to chance to win the game.

And even the play that sealed it all as the Cyclones tried to drive down the field to retake the lead with the last seconds of the game ticking away.

In a hurry-up situation after picking up a big first down with a pass over the middle, the Iowa State offense never quite got on the same page as quarterback Sam Richardson, who had gashed the Texas defense all night with his running ability, especially in third-and-long situations.

Even Texas defensive end Cedric Reed came off the ball rather slowly before seeing his path to the quarterback unimpeded and accelerating towards Richardson, raising his hands once and then twice in an attempt to impact Richardson's passing lanes.

When the Iowa State quarterback did finally release the ball, it appeared to bounce off of Reed's helmet, spinning into the air and the waiting arms of fellow defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat, who secured the interception and the game.

Fitting that two of the most consistent and most excellent performers for the Longhorns on the season combined to make one of the biggest plays.