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Josh Cochran out for spring with fractured leg

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The first injury hit of the spring happened on Wednesday.

Brett Deering

Every year in spring practice, there are a handful of injuries sustained of various severity. The first of 2013 happened on Wednesday when junior starting right tackle Josh Cochran went down with a fractured leg.

The good news, if there is any here, is that the 6-6, 299-pounder is expected to be back for fall camp, though any leg injuries to offensive linemen are a concern.

The bad news is that Cochran needed the reps this spring -- the coaches believe that junior college offensive tackle Desmond Harrison can come in and immediately compete for a starting job, meaning that there is not a ton of confidence in the current tackles to perform better this fall than the entrenched starters.

Meanwhile, the 'Horns will get a longer look at some of the young tackles on the roster, notably sophomores Kennedy Estelle and Garrett Greenlea, as well as Camrhon Hughes, who will be limited after his ACL tear last summer.