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Reports: Desmond Harrison admitted to Texas

Things seemed to get a little dicey in recent days, but the big tackle made it in.

Desmond Harrison
Desmond Harrison
Courtesy of Harrison

There wasn't supposed to be this much drama, but the enrollment process isn't always easy for junior college transfers. After several days of speculation on message boards and behind paywalls, Contra Costa CC offensive tackle Desmond Harrison has been admitted to Texas, as first broken by Chip Brown of Orangebloods:

The report was later confirmed by several other services, including the 247Sports Texas affiliate, and the news relieves some serious pressure on an academic support staff that has drawn fire numerous times over the last several years for other instances of incompetency and achievement at a level below what should be expected from the most resource-laden athletic department in the country.

Continuing concerns with the football academic support staff aside, if Harrison does indeed make it into school at Texas, it's still the huge deal that it has been made out to be since he committed in January and signed in February -- he's the biggest short-term piece in the 2013 recruiting class and the most likely to become an impact player this season.

The spring leg injury to starting junior right tackle Josh Cochran set back his development, unfortunately coming right at the start of spring practice, but at least he's been able to work out his upper body. Even if Cochran maintains his starting role, Harrison could seriously threaten the position of fellow JUCO transfer Donald Hawkins, who manned the left tackle spot ably last season, if not always consistently.

In any case, with sophomore Kennedy Estelle the only slightly proven option at tackle, losing Harrison would have been devastating to the offensive line's upside, regardless of whether he ends up starting the whole season, part of the season, or is merely the first tackle off the bench in an offense that will need better production from the back-up offensive line due to the tempo and desire to run more plays.

That sound you may have heard this afternoon was the Burnt Orange Nation breathing a big sigh of relief.

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