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Texas Longhorns football: Helmets go 3-D

In addition to the slight uniform changes, the helmets will also look a little bit different this year.


The Texas Longhorns are getting ready to start fall practice in the next several weeks, which means that the equipment staff is hard at work prepping the helmets for the season. Those helmets will look a little bit different this year:

And after honoring legendary former coach DKR with his initials in the helmet logo, that aspect of the Texas head gear will go back to normal now.

Here's a few other pics from the UTexas Equipment Twitter feed:

The feed also noted several other slight changes to the uniforms that weren't mentioned in the post the other day. The jersey numbers are slightly smaller now than they were last season and the pants are slightly different:

Of course, since all these changes are minor, that should keep all the purists out there happy.

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