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Desmond Harrison back at practice Tuesday

Finally some good news in the ongoing eligibility saga.

Erich Schlegel

The third week of the Desmond Harrison eligibility saga started with a bang on Tuesday as multiple reports emerged from Inside Texas and Horns247 that the Texas Longhorns junior college transfer is back at practice with the team.

The news comes on the heels of a report early Tuesday from Orangebloods that Texas received positive feedback from the NCAA in the matter:

Texas basically got assurances, from its own admissions officials in contact with the NCAA, that because Harrison enrolled in BYU's online independent study, took the class, passed the class, received the course credit and graduated from Contra Costa College (Calif.), clearing the path for him to enroll at Texas that too much had transpired for BYU to rescind Harrison's course credit.

Adding to the matter is a California law that says school transcripts in the absence of "mistake, fraud, bad faith, shall be final."

The Orangebloods report was pessimistic about Harrison returning to practice as soon as Tuesday, but based on the news from the other services, the 6'8, 310-pounder was back on the field in his No. 68 uniform, providing a massive boost for a Texas offensive line short on tackle options -- it's far from hyperbole to suggest that the upside of the 2013 team received a massive boost with Harrison's reinstatement.

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