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Beyonce likes her some David Ash?

If you haven't seen the picture of Beyonce in a Texas jersey, think seriously about your life.

After the page view bonanza that was breaking the story on Johnny Manziel getting kicked out of a Texas frat party, it's clear that BON needs as much TMZ inspiration as possible.

I'm joking. Mostly. Like 95% joking.

In that vein, Beyonce posted a picture to her official Tumblr page chilling out the pool in her Texas No. 14 jersey. With all the well-documented David Ash hate out there and my own position well out on a limb selling Ash to the doubters, it's nice to know (or imagine) that Beyonce is out there on that branch with me. Yeah, that is a nice thought.

Also, this post exists because, I mean, Beyonce.

One last thought:

Ash has at least one thing on ol' Johnny Football, eh?

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