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Ashton Dorsey's transfer decision was "mutual"

"Hey Ashton, there's the door. Utilize it." -- Texas coaches.

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

The immediate speculation in the wake of Tuesday's news that Texas Longhorns senior defensive tackle Ashton Dorsey surrounded why exactly an expected contributor with one season of eligibility remaining would leave the program just days before the first game.

On Wednesday, head coach Mack Brown provided the answer:

Probably also best for the team. With all the talk about team chemistry and trust and how this team has it more than the last, having strong senior leadership appears to be a strength for the 2013 team that didn't exist with the 2012 group. The problem is that having older players like Dorsey dogging it on the practice field can rapidly disintegrate.

As much as it will hurt to team to be down a proven defensive tackle with significant upside, it's probably better for the team over the course of the season not to have Dorsey around any longer. But also extremely disappointing to see a talented player squander an opportunity to get a look form the NFL.

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