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Texas RB coach Larry Porter allegedly paid players at Oklahoma State

The accusations stem from a Sports Illustrated report.

Douglas Jones (USA TODAY Sports)

According to an investigative report from Sports Illustrated, current Texas Longhorns running back coach Larry Porter is alleged to have paid players during his time holding the same position at Oklahoma State from 2002-2004 under current LSU head coach Les MIles.

Here's what supposedly happened:

Two players claim Porter handed them cash in the George Dohrmann report. Seymore Shaw, an Oklahoma State running back from 2002-2004, said Porter paid him $100 "four of five times" and told him to "use the money to get something to eat."

Former Cowboy safety Fath' Carter says that Porter gave him "a couple hundred bucks" so a pair of incoming freshman could stay in Carter's apartment - under NCAA rules both players weren't allowed to be compensated for room and board.

As one would expect, Porter has denied the accusations in a statement to Sports Illustrated and Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds released a statement on Tuesday saying that the school questioned Porter and does not have any issues with him at this time.

There have been questions around the margins since Porter was hired about his recruiting tactics while working with Miles, but it seemed like it was always more skepticism about a recruiter in the SEC experiencing as much success as Porter did without crossing the line a few times.

As for these allegations? Some of the worst in the report include payments from current West Virginia defensive coordinator Joe DeForest for making plays, putting the accusations leveled at Porter payments in some perspective, especially since it's not hard to say that Porter was merely trying to help his players out. Taking that tack, who cares?

Sure, it's against NCAA rules, but the NCAA rules are dumb.

With all of the accusations coming under intense scrutiny, it's hard to see much coming of this in regards to the job status of Porter at Texas.

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